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Behavior of the Honey Wolf
Honey Wolves generally like to socialize with other animals and have fun.  They love adventure seeking in their yellow jeep and they love to run around in the parks and woodlands of the Northeast.  Honey Wolves also love to go for rides in the car.  They are very high energy animals and have been known to actually levitate and fly.  Jaime likes to pick up rocks and carry them around and for some unknown reason she likes to roll around in the mud from time to time. They love to be with people, especially children and other animals but most of all they love each other very much.

The most favorite of all the Honey Wolf activities is chasing gophers.  Just the mention of the word "gopher" can whip the Honey Wolf up into a frenzy.  A "gopher" , by Honey Wolf definition, is any four legged creature shorter then six inches at the withers including but not limited to: squirrels, wood chucks, cats, rabbits and chipmunks.

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Rules and Laws do not apply to Honey Wolves.
Honey Wolves live according to the law of the wild. Eat or Be Eaten!
Since the Honey Wolves prey on no other animals and no animals prey on the Honey Wolves that gives them the ability to go and do pretty much whatever they please.




All creatures love the Honey Wolves and are drawn to them.  Even Cats which are known to be averse to all canine species. Here is Katie and her friend Cicero the kitten.





Jaime looks after a turkey while he takes a nap




Honey Wolves are obsessed with gophers (squirrels) Jaime is glued to the TV set during this Squirrel scene from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Jaime and Katie rest outside their jeep.




Jaime likes to roll in the mud sometimes




Katie and Jaime can often be seen in many local parks.




Jaime likes to carry rocks




Jaime demonstrates her levitation technique proving that dogs in fact can fly




Honey Wolves love to go for rides in the car




Honey Wolves gloat over their food and yellow jeeps which were part of a contest that they won.




Most of all the Honey Wolves love each other very very much





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