A Prayer
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A Father's Prayer


Lord please grant this one request
And spare my son this tearful test
A broken heart I had to pay
Which grieves me still unto this day

 My childhood dog
was my closest friend
And stood by me
until the very end

 The pain that came
to say goodbye
Grieved me well beyond
the time to cry

Why do ours dogs live
such a very  short time?
And leave this world
in the years of their prime ?

 Such a loss for any of us
We would much rather just  forsake
Lord forgive me for asking this ?
But did you make a  mistake?

And so now my son
at the young age of four
Now has his own dog
He will love forever more 

Never do they leave
each others side or sight
Through the whole day
and throughout all of the night

 But I lament the day forthcoming
Like a cold autumn rain
When he will need to say goodbye
And will bring him such pain

 Though hopefully with your blessing
still some long years away
There is no way to escape the fact
that you will take his dog away

 So my prayer is for him
to avoid this strife
And let his dog go on
to live a very long life 

I ask not for riches
nor money or gold
But only that his dog can live
until they both are very old

 A childhood may have
quite enough other tears
They may lose a parent or a friend
or get sick through the years

 But a dog can be the one friend
in a child’s own care
To get him through the disappointments
of the other despair

 Lord I know that you can do this
with the greatest of ease
You created the earth and the heavens
and you can do what you please

 Forgive my lack of understanding
and my questioning  why
This one request I ask of you
please do not deny

Despite my lack of faith
you were not deterred
After many years I knew
that my prayers have been  heard

My son became a man one day
and it was certainly your will
to have a family of his own
and his dog is with him still

 Although the time may come for his beloved pet
To some day eventually depart
But I know the spirit of his childhood dog
Will live forever in his heart

Copyright © 2005 New England Artwork. All rights reserved.
Revised: May 14, 2006