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The Honey Wolf and other dogs have been a part of our family for many years.  They were all dearly loved and were special - our lives were greatly enriched by each and every one of them.


Mindy was the first Honey Wolf ever to be raised in captivity.  She was always a very good dog.  Mindy was responsible for introducing our family to the love and fun of owning a Golden Retriever.  She also gave our household the first  and only litter of puppies to care for.  The very first broken heart that I ever experienced was the day we lost our Mindy.  Our family adopted her as an adult in 1965 and she lived until 1973.  



We then adopted a beautiful Irish Setter named Carey in the summer of 1973.  Carey was two years old when she came into our lives and was a very sweet and an energetic athlete of a dog.  The first day we brought her home and watched as she leaped over a stone wall we knew that she would be quite a bit more active then her elder predecessor.  She, at times, was quite a bit to handle.  She would engage the family's ducks in mock battle, she was sprayed by a skunk and she jumped out of our car window while we were stopped at a traffic light.  I look back very fondly of those serene walks in the snow fall early in the morning.  Carey was our most spirited dog and was part of our family until 1982.



Gretchen was the second Honey Wolf to become part of our family.  She was a year old when we adopted her in 1982 and was part of our family until 1993.  On one occasion Gretchen walked on ahead down a trail and came back with, what appeared to be, a woman's purse in her mouth.  In fact it was not a woman's purse but a live woodchuck that she was carrying.  She was loudly admonished and repeatedly ordered to put the woodchuck down.  Gretchen then finally placed the woodchuck on the ground and let it go free.  The woodchuck abruptly turned back to face Gretchen, snickered a bit, and then ran off on its way.  


Jennifer we received as a puppy in 1986.  She was a beautiful and exceptionally sweet Honey Wolf.  Unfortunately she developed a serious condition shortly after a year old and we lost her at a very young age.  It was an incredibly heartbreaking loss for our family.


In 1990 we adopted a little Rotweiler puppy named Carl.  This was our family's first non Honey Wolf species since Carey the Irish Setter.  We found that if you give any breed of dog enough love, affection and attention they cannot help but grow into loveable, gentle companions.  Carl was as soft and gentle as a kitten.  Carl lived until 2002.  There will never be another Carl.


Katie was the very first Honey Wolf to be completely born and raised in Captivity.  She was a once in a lifetime companion. She blessed us and many others during her lifetime  from  May 14, 1994 to April 14, 2006.  I will lament her loss every day more than any other.  Katie was a tremendous source of comfort to our whole family during the most difficult and tragic times of our lives.  I learned from my mother that you do not choose a puppy from a litter by looking for the one with the most beautiful coat but rather to seek out  the puppy with the most beautiful spirit by looking into their eyes.  


Jaime is Katie's biological niece.  We were so impressed by Katie that we insisted on obtaining our next Honey Wolf from the same blood line.  Jaime was born on May 15, 2003.  Jaime is much more of a character then her Auntie Katie.  The world will definitely have heard from Jaime by the time she makes her exit.