Honey Wolf
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The Honey Wolf Poem


Deep in the forests in the Northeast snow
A Honey-colored wolf and her niece will go
Playing with critters other wolves might eat
But these Honey Wolves will not eat meat.

Many years ago when other wolves would eat
The Honey Wolves discovered quite a different treat
They liked to eat plants and the wild bees honey
And they never ate another critter, deer or bunny

Now they wander through the forest   
From the night through the dawn   
They visit all of their friends
Even a deer with her fawn

They meet their friend the raccoon
Then pay a visit to the bear
And a fox and the rabbit
And all the birds in the air

They will chase some gophers
When they want to have a thrill
But its only just for fun
Because there is not a creature they will kill

They bring many smiles and laughs
To everybody they know
And the people all love them
Everywhere that they go

The people wanted more
So the decided what they need
Was a dog just like the Honey Wolf
So they developed such a breed

A dog that was smart and warm
And could swim through waters cold
That would be loved by everyone
With a heart and coat of gold

So Golden Retrievers came from the honey wolf gene
And made a perfect pet that could not be mean
At home in the house or in the fields of a farm
There is not a child or a person or a critter they will harm

A few Honey Wolves remain
In the Northeast hills
And they still love to make new friends
And chase gophers for some thrills

But more then all the critters
And the people that they touch
Most of all the Honey Wolves
Love each other very very much

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Revised: May 14, 2006