Marley and Me
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Marley & Me
(Inspired by the book Marley & Me by John Grogan)
A MUST read for any dog lover


What began as an ordinary life of a pet
With a family in West Palm Beach
Would someday become a moving story for us all
About the lessons a single dog might teach

Starting as a puppy
back in nineteen ninety one
The Grogans brought him home
in the warm Florida sun

 They just had no idea
about all the laughs and all the fun
And the millions of the people he would touch
by the time that he was done 

He had the spirit of a rebel
And the power of a Harley
So they chose the perfect name
For the dog they would call Marley 

He soon ripped up the furniture
And made a mess in all the grass
When it was time for him to go to school
The teacher kicked him out of class 

But not deterred a single bit
He went upon his way
Returned back home to mischief making
And other games that he could play

 While eating mangos in his back yard
The story has been told
He soon developed his own technique
For polishing the family’s gold 

Whatever gold you wanted polished
To a luster shiny and bright
Just place it into Marley’s mouth
And then wait just overnight 

 Even though you might find this dog
A bit more then just appalling-
It was not very long at all
When Hollywood came calling

The Last Home Run was filmed
And Marley was the Star
The Director yelled cut a thousand times
In the scene with Marley and the car

 Then off to alfresco dining
With the family out one day
Marley dragged the iron table
To meet the Poodle far away

 A visit to the Dog Beach
Created quite a big sensation
When Marley fouled in the water
And cause a beach evacuation

 Then they all moved to Pennsylvania
So they might get to know
How much fun it is to run
And play in all the snow 

Marley’s days were growing short
And it must have been an honor
To have you in such a nice family
With Colleen, Patrick and Connor 

On a cold day in December
Came Marley’s time to say goodbye
He departed on his way
To rest in his meadow in the sky

 He now sleeps in quiet peace
Beneath the trees and sky of blue
When I think of him in heaven
He is probably chewing on God’s shoe

 The cost of wreckage left in your wake
Has run up quite a tab
No one on earth would ever believe
This was done from a solitary lab

 The pieces of our world and you
Were like a china closet and a bull
But what you gave us was so much more
Your debt has been satisfied in full

 "Marley you are a great dog"

Copyright © 2005 New England Artwork. All rights reserved.
Revised: May 14, 2006